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Energy Healing

Who Is Spirit Bear?

My name is Frank... a spiritually inclined Gay Man who believes my work on the planet while I am here is to heal myself and offer healing to other people who have had stuff happen to them during their journey here as a human... I've healed and continue to heal from a lot of Life happenings... I have had the pleasure and honor to have as my healers and teachers some incredible men  and women who have loved me with their whole hearts until my wounds and pains were healed by their love and teachings... so I pass those on to any who would come...

frank art work.jpg

My own healing
allows others to heal as well


My Treatments

One on One Reiki Session

Always includes Clinical Counseling

and a full Reiki Energy Healing Treatment

Rebirthing Sessions

A healing breathing technique

allowing years of trauma to be healed, integrated and even old coping behaviors may well disappear

Energy Cleansing and Renewal

Together, guided breathing with Reiki can renew your energy fields and leave you feeling energized with more clarity and strength of puurpose

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